Insight-Led Strategic Communications.

We provide resource constrained social businesses and private capital providers access to senior level strategic communications counsel and support that are both affordable and scalable.

When trying to generate investor interest and manage their expectations, even the most expert organisation can benefit from a second opinion. An ‘outside-in’ perspective brings much needed objectivity to stress test assumptions and challenge conventional wisdom.

Social enterprise

We give organisations that directly meet society’s needs through purposeful products and services expert advice and support on:

  • Investment readiness
  • Brand awareness and profile raising strategies
  • Investor relations and financial communications
  • Networking and partnerships building

Private capital

We work with companies, financing and investing institutions and industry associations to develop and implement:

  • Reputation management and profile raising strategies
  • Organisational and leadership communications
  • Perceptions audits
  • ESG risk assessment and strategy integration
  • Stakeholder engagement and thought leadership


  • Could your strategy be better understood?
  • Do you need a more compelling investment proposition?
  • Is your organization out of sync with stakeholder expectations?
  • Are you looking to attract new sources of funding?
  • Do you want to develop a sustainable approach to responsible investing?
  • Are you being judged for short-term financial achievements rather than long-term value creation
  • Do you struggle to demonstrate a financial return on a social investment or a social return on a financial one?
  • Do you need to build trust and credibility to address stakeholder unease?
  • Is your organisation facing a crisis or in transition with limited resources and experience?
  • If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Integriti Capital can help.


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